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American Streaky Bacon

From 120g of finest raw bacon fried to 50g American Streaky Bacon – quality in its crispiest form.


Gierlinger since 2000

A name becomes a brand! As fast and diverse as the company has grown, it's product segments and brands are as varied. How does one position a brand? It's just simply too diverse. However, if you take a closer look, whether it's our bacon, the breaded products, spare ribs, skewers, contact-fried poultry or our ham specialties ... the important aspects are the same: the best quality like home-made; when possible without additives; without flavour enhancers; easy handling for restaurateurs – as per catch phrase "Mise en place", which was developed by a team headed by the Gierlinger family, for whom the quality of the products is top priority.

Your guest is convinced that they are enjoying a home-made schnitzel, the burger chain has the crispiest bacon on the patty and the snack manufacturer is happy about the juiciest chicken strips. That is "Gierlinger like home-made".  As an innovation leader, we have not only managed to produce home-made products in large quantities but with consistent quality. We have also set a level that is considered a benchmark in the entire industry.

like homemade