10 reasons, multiple benefits

Most of our products meet the requirement "like home-made".

We do not need any flavor enhancers, no additives, no tricks for more beautiful colouring, etc. Our specialties are made just as grandma showed us.

Our operations are in accordance with the strictest guidelines, all EU requirements and are IFS and BRC certified.

For us it is important to prove the quality every day. The HACCP concept is consistently implemented to achieve these goals. The food safety standards according to GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) are the benchmark for product safety.

Take advantage of our huge product range that already offers you solutions for many requirements. What counts is success with satisfied guests, with enthusiastic customers and with people who become fans of the Gierlinger brand.

Even if we have more than 2,000 articles in our range, we do not stop trying to please. Tell us your wishes - our product development wants to be challenged. We will find exactly your individual solution.

We simply cannot set our minds at rest.  The flood of ideas and the thirst for action spur us on to innovate again and again. We are way ahead in many areas. Asserting this position challenges us anew every day. With this we guarantee that our customers have the competitive edge and leading expansion.

We operate internationally but produce regionally. Our locations are where our employees live. 4 locations in Europe enable economic and ecological transport logistics. We use regional professionals and suppliers. Our employees value us as a good employer, in sometimes disadvantaged regions.

Our production facilities are designed for quantities. High tonnages and short-term delivery times are our daily business. We like to face the challenge. We can manage best possible delivery but we cannot work miracles.

A brand is not born, it must grow. Only the attributes and advantages make a name into a brand. To do this, you have to give it time - the customer has to get to know and then live the brand. After 20 successful years, Gierlinger has become a brand that is valued for its unique quality and is in demand for its exquisite appearance.

You have to earn a brand. We are proud to have achieved this. And you deserve to get the best brand.

High capacity and sustainability are not a contradiction of terms. Not only do we strive to produce sustainably but also in companies who are environmentally friendly and with economical energy solutions. We also value stress-free, species-appropriate animal husbandry and the preservation of the naturalness of food. With processes such as the production of nitrite-free crispy bacon, we care more for the health of our consumers than many butchers do.

We are in a tough business, but we don't let it influence our values. Partnerships are more promising than business relationships. Motivated employees enjoy doing more than receiving orders. That is why we promise our partners a co-operation on an equal footing and with handshake quality and our employees an environment in which they enjoy working and can also have a good family life.

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