The SC Convenience Prod. Srl. in Tunari (Romania) was re-established in 2004 and in January 2005 they started the production of breaded products and skewers.
In 2008, we developed our breading “Viennese Tradition” – a breading from whole egg, cream and bread crumbs with a taste “like homemade”. Since November the same year, we delighted our customers with this unique breading.

2015 the location in Tunari was generously expanded and modernized according to the latest state of the art. On this 8.000 m² production area there will be produced the finest specialties without any additives according to traditional recipes under our brand COOK’IN 5 for industry, catering, wholesale and retail. Breaded Viennese products from chicken, turkey, pork and veal also belong to the product range as various meat skewers.

On the two newly established contact-roasting machines with connected packing and IQF-freezing, we manufacture cubes, stripes, fillets or medallions in different sizes, weights, natural shape or plated. Because of our individual addition of spices, we can cover a lot of customer requests. A new process technology enables a production without oil and without the addition of flavor enhancers or additives!


The Tamási-Hús Kft. in Tamasi (Hungary) opened in 2007 – highly specialized on Raw Bacon, Cooked Bacon and Crispy Bacon. The wide range will be sold under the trademark “Gierlinger’s Premium Bacon”. Whether sliced, diced, lardons or as flakes, all products are made exclusively from European fresh meat. Due to continuous innovations, Tamási Hus Kft. has developed into the top producer for Crispy Bacon. Premium Berner Sausages, produced according to our patented process and sous-vide cooked Spare Ribs with different spices round off the wide range of products.


The Wiener Schnitzelmanufaktur GmbH in Andorf (Upper Austria) manufactures pork Schnitzel – Made in Austria.

A further step was taken by building a new operating system in Upper Austria at the beginning of 2015. After one year of construction our new production facility was put into operation in April 2016.

At the Wiener Schnitzelmanufaktur GmbH, pork Schnitzels will be produced branded with our label COOK’IN 5. On a fully automated production line, products are manufactured on the highest level of technology. The raw material is sourced from local slaughterhouses; the other ingredients are from long-standing Austrian suppliers.

We produce our “Wiener Schnitzel” according to Viennese tradition. It’s used Austrian pork loin, purely produced with flour, whole egg and bread-crumbs. The result is an original Wiener-Schnitzel taste “like homemade”! For now, the Wiener Schnitzelmanufaktur GmbH has a capacity of about 7 tons of pork Schnitzel per day. With the extension of the shift operation and the placement of additional manufacturing lines, the product volume can be vastly increased.


The Mitros Fleischwaren d.o.o. in Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) was put into operation after 1 ½ years of renovation and modernization in May 2016. The plant has over 44.000 m². At the on-site slaughterhouse, straw pigs from the surrounding region are slaughtered and afterwards processed to “Gierlinger’s Specialties”, of course with the latest technology and top European hygiene standards. The wide product range includes Bacon, Ham, Sausages, Spare Ribs and up to delicious spreads.