• roasting skewers
    handmade - various seasoning
  • Ribs
    especially tender because of the Sous-Vide methode
  • minced meat
    minced meat seasoned and made to Granny’s recipe
  • raw meat with liquid seasoning

Cookin'5 - Just roasted

  • tender meat - contact roasted
  • perfect browning and roasting flavors without additives
  • different kinds of cutting and seasoned as you wish
  • customized for your utilization
  • deep frozen in IQF-quality

Cookin'5 - Just breaded

  • convenience-products like homemade
  • convenience-products without flavor enhancer and without additives
  • with prompting or sticking breading
  • chicken-/turkey-/pork-/veal-/vegetable specialties