Welcome to Gierlinger Holding!

At the base of all the brands and products produced by Gierlinger Holding lies the commitment to comply with a maximum quality level. This involves the entire process, starting with the raw materials, continuing with the ingredients and the processing phase and finishing with packaging. The market for these products is basically represented by all of Europe. This guarantees the delivery of the best ingredients in the areas that best meet the necessary conditions for this purpose.

To us, quality also means providing the consumer with the desired quantities, making available the most practical packaging solutions and offering a unique taste experience. This is why we use the most natural ingredients and we avoid using flavor enhancers and preservatives. Our goods are vacuum-packed or frozen.

The third quality criterion of our company is the quality of the relationship with our partners in the commercial sector: perfect logistics, the best possible support in the presentation activity and the most attractive packaging adapted for your shelf.