Mise en Place

Mise en Place is becoming more and more important in gastronomy!

Mise en Place

... so fast and yet taste just like homemade!

  • When the staff shortage requires new solutions
  • When high volume top-quality food has to go out simultaneously during peak times
  • Can be calculated piece by piece with savings in material and time

Mise en Place - not new, but the magic word for success. 

... and Gierlinger is just another word for mise en place.

For 20 years, this has been the goal of all developments at Gierlinger.

Out of the freezer, into the pan, prepared with love and within 5 minutes served to the customer - goal achieved.

Praise from the customer: "Everything is always freshly made with you!" - target exceeded!

  • Wienerschnitzel
    Straight out of the freezer, into the pan, flip over once, over four minutes it is on the plate - with perfect souffle-effet.
  • Burgers and salads
    Premium raw bacon on parchment paper, straight into the oven, fry as desired, crispy bacon on the food.
  • Or even faster
    Ready crispy bacon in 5 different frying levels, briefly warmed up, ready for the breakfast buffet and 100 other dishes. Or as raw bacon on parchment paper for individual enjoyment.
  • Tailor-Made poultry
    Fillets fried without fat, whole, in strips, in cubes - individually produced for finger food, sandwiches, salads and much more.
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