Our quality principles

Our factories are established in accordance with the strictest directives and in compliance with all applicable EU requirements, being IFS- and BRC- certified.

Our main concern is the quality of the products we make, and particularly creating a form that is suitable for the clients' needs. This implies a permanent process optimization, personnel training and market monitoring. Each employee is responsible for avoiding errors.

We are aware of the fact that developing a long-term relationship with our clients is only possible if the quality of our products entirely meets client requirements.
For us, quality is a challenge we have to face each day. In order to reach these objectives, we constantly apply the HACCP concept. As a standard for product safety evaluation, we consider the standard in the food safety area according to GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Supplier selection and decision-making in terms of applied processes is mainly performed considering ethical principles and environmental protection practices. Our suppliers are involved in the quality insurance policy, and cost optimization must never be performed to the detriment of quality requirements.