Quality - above standard

Our three production plants in Europe have a special obligation for uniform quality standards. The Gierlinger brand has become the leading brand with innovation and quality.

This requires standards in hygiene and processing, the level of which we set for ourselves much higher than is prescribed. In all our production facilities, we produce using the most modern systems, which not only guarantee high standards but also economical production and high delivery capacity. Frozen goods are always IQF frozen and the cold chain is strictly monitored.

We process almost 100% European raw materials and ensure the quality with strict incoming controls and all available technical aids in production and processing. For example, possible bone parts are immediately detected by our X-ray scanners and the affected meat parts are eliminated.

Mag. Astrid Nadschläger
Quality Manager

Gierlinger Holding GmbH, Ottensheim, Austria

Weingartenstraße 14
4100 Ottensheim / Austria
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Angela Dragan
Quality Manager

SC Convenience Prod. Srl, Tunari, Romania

Bea Széll
Quality Manager

Tamási-Hús Kft., Tamási, Hungary

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