Technical Information

Gierlinger Holding GmbH

Weingartenstraße 14
4100 Ottensheim, Austria

Dipl. Ing. Peter Schulze
Dipl.-Kff. MMag Angelika Lehner 

+43 7234 83141 - 0

Publication according to Article 25 of the Law on media products
Company headquarters: Ottensheim, Austria
Number at the company registry: 197807v
The competent court in company matters: Regional Court Linz
Authority provided by the E-commerce Law: District Commision: Urfahr-Umgebung

Information obligation in accordance with Article 5 of the E-Commerce Law, Article 14 of the Commercial Code, and Article 63 of the Law on trade, workmanship and industry and the communication obligation in accordance with Article 25 of the Law on media products


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